A Different Gospel – D.R. McConnel

Things have been a bit chaotic, but I’ve finally made the time to finish the book A Different Gospel. I’d known some of what the author discusses by my own experience and research, but my knowledge was nothing compared to the details he points out with such evidence. Overall, a very informative read as to why the Word of Faith movement is a dangerous group to be involved with.

However, in the last few pages the author undoes himself just a little: on page 188, in his Concluding Observation and Prediction, the author clearly writes that the Holy Scriptures are the only source of correct doctrine. But on page 207, where the author discusses his reply to a detractor, the author states that “biblical faith is grounded on…faith in the person of God’s Messiah (Jesus), in his deity and his humanity”.

The problem with this is that the Holy Scriptures NEVER tell us that Jesus is deity, the texts that trinitarians use to “prove” his deity are read erroneously, taken out of context or the meaning in the original language, or fail to align with customs of Jesus’ era.

So, while helping us to understand the errors of the Word of Faith movement, the author himself is guilty of believing a different gospel – one in which Jesus never taught, His Father never mentioned, nor did the apostles believe.

This makes clear just how vigilant one must be when reading everything written or taught by men. Even with the Scriptures, read carefully and correctly.