Knowing God

Getting to know Yahweh, God, isn’t difficult; it doesn’t require one to read a whole book of the Bible every day. In fact, trying to do so can work against the development of a good relationship with HIM. Getting to know Yahweh is similar to making a new friend, because that’s really what you are doing.

You do not meet a new person and immediately sit down to share your entire life stories. You make time to get together and talk, some times you have dinner, or hang-out in other ways, and during these different times you are talking and sharing and developing bonds.

These times are generally fun, restful, or relaxing, but never rushed, and it should be the same with getting to know Yahweh. Time spent with HIM, reading and asking questions, praying and growing, are good times, so take your time and enjoy it. Don’t try to ‘get a lot done’ in these times, just let it flow, and enjoy. Read as much as you like, and when something catches your attention, take time to ponder it, have a chat with God about it, word it as a prayer for HIM to bring growth. Enjoy Yahweh’s presence!!

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