Language in Culture

As I think about where to begin in this process, it comes to mind that there are a few things that must be put forward as a foundation. One of which is Language within a Culture.

Anyone who reads, and especially those who write, knows about figures of speech,

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a list with short video explanation

but what many don’t stop to realize is that the Bible is full of these same writing devices, and many times it’s these phrases, improperly understood, that cause confusion when reading Scripture.

Also, you have to remember that the culture was mostly farmers, which means the parables use a farmer’s line of thinking. And speaking of parables, Yeshua used these so as to tuck a truth away – just enough – that one has to think about the story in order to get to the gold nugget.

This means one cannot simply read parables like an ordinary book, to get the point one must read, reread, and think.

And lastly, and possibly the most difficult adjustment to make, is remembering that all of this writing came from people with an Eastern mind set – a bit of a challenge for those of Western thinking. Add to this the fact that it is ancient east, and you need to make several changes in how you read and study in order to really grasp the whole and proper meaning of Adonai’s word.

I know, it sounds more difficult now than before you read all of this; but trust me, it is possible. We who desire to know the God of Scripture can and will know Him as we give time to our reading and study because we don’t go it alone – every time, before you begin, ask Adonai to explain it, and you’ll come away rich in understanding every time.

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