what are ewe doing?


I believe God exists because I have experienced Him for myself. I trust God – not because another person told me to do so – but because I have learned how much better life is when lived by faith. The beliefs I have about God were not learned by listening to some old guy in a suit behind a pulpit, but rather by my own time and effort in reading the Holy Bible while pondering and praying about it. I have not blindly followed any person in their ideas about religion, but have read and prayed and asked questions repeatedly – to the point that the religious leaders, who could not give a straight answer on many things, became frustrated and threw me out of their ‘church’. I have taken up my journey of faith in God all on my own. I am not the only person to have done so. We are the ones who live by faith in our God, not in the quantity of toilet paper on the shelf during a RESPIRATORY virus event.

We, though many have called us such, are not sheeple. That role is filled by those who have done the panic buying, the hoarding of essential items, leaving their neighbors with little, if any, simply because they heard a few things in the news, saw others panicking, and joined the herd out of fear. It is the lingering effects of this herd mentality that has, and will continue, to cause life for all to be more difficult. This is NOT the fault of those who, in true faith in God, are trusting Him for their needs instead of displaying the most grotesque level of greed; this is the result of the real sheeple being their true selves. The horrors of this situation did not come from the true believers of God, but from outside their numbers – those who would call true Christians ‘sheeple’, while those who mock are the ones to display sheeple behavior.

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