January 24th

I’ve asked God more than once why He didn’t just do away with the Enemy once Jesus had defeated him. I’m beginning to understand that having little challenges for us to push through is proof of our love and desire for Him. SELAH

There is no place to ask the same of God, He’s already answered: God demonstrated His love for us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for our sins (Romans 5:8). Therefore, the answer to the question asked by the hearts of so many, ‘God, do you really love me?’, is a resounding, “YES!”, because Jesus’ sacrifice is available to everyone. The “problem” with this is our distance – chronologically and culturally – from the understanding of sacrifice for sin. A sincere read of the Old Testament (minus preconceived ideas) can help our understanding the value of what the Father has done in giving His only begotten son as the sacrifice for our sins. SELAH

There are people who complain, and with some good reason, about how Man is mindlessly ravaging our planet, but the problem has its roots in the carelessness of Adam from the beginning of Creation – and without the mind of Christ, Man continues along that line. But the real issue is not the damage to the planet, but rather the destruction of the soul by the absence of Christ Jesus in our heart. Without Jesus in our hearts and lives, the Enemy has full access to us, and his plans win out every time. However, in Christ, we find shelter from the Enemy, and any hardship we may experience works to slough off the world from within our heart and mind, preparing us for citizenship in God’s coming Kingdom.

If ever you could have used help with a heavy situation, longed for a place of consistent peace, wished for guidance in life, then what you are truly in need of is a relationship with God based on the work of His son Jesus. This is not religion, but a relationship, and must be lived in that manner – any other way falls short.

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