Fight the Good Fight

God never says it’s going to be easy, but sometimes people will deceive themselves that they are being “spiritual” when they are really doing anxiety management: “I just don’t feel peace about it.” When in the Bible does God ever tell someone like Moses, “Go to Pharaoh,” or David, “Face Goliath,” or Daniel, “Go into a lion’s den,” or Esther, “Face Haman,” and have somebody say, “Yes, Lord. I feel peace about that”? Peace lies on the other side of obedience, on the other side of the door, not this side. Peace does not lie in getting God to give me other circumstances. Peace lies in finding God in these circumstances.   – John Ortberg from What Is God’s Will For My Life

Cot: Peace does not come from asking God for new or non-difficult circumstances { if you do not step up to the challenges you will never know who you really are, or just how much God really is on your side }.

CoT: Peace is imparted to you as you obey & follow God through your current situation. { it doesn’t appear so at first, but such times are actually bonding moments with God }.