Remembering “Why I Do This”


Another sad occurrence today…

I read a paragraph of a book to a friend, she was immediately interested & wanted to get a copy. She decided to get the ebook version.

However, the ebook version has been “revised & expanded”; what actually happened was the author changed his mind about things & rewrote & added to what he’d previously written.

His new stance is a very serious compromise compared to his previous writing. What causes a person to back off from a truth they’ve discovered? I’ve seen it so many times with the popular western preachers, is this (part of) the coming apostasy?

During morning study I’ve come across more examples of bible study poorly done, & this time by a popular “Christian ministry”.

How is it that these who think to teach do not teach themselves first in the basics of reading, grammar, proper study techniques, bible history, cultural history, and proper reasoning skills?!

They read one or two verses with preconceived ideas & then think those verses mean that Jesus claims to be God. Do they not read any other verses in which Jesus makes it VERY clear that ONLY HIS FATHER IS GOD?

I am very saddened by this.