Break’s over… Back to Work

Bible study of depth can be intense & deep, it can take it out of you very similar to serious manual labor, which is why I took a break from it. But lately I have become inundated with the number & ways of people teaching the trinity theory as if it were Biblically supported.

People who have obviously not realized that the Scriptures of YAHWEH are written from an Eastern mind, and interpretation must be from within the same; yet they continue to pump out their ignorance using a Western framework.

It troubles me greatly that so many call themselves Christian, but do not actually follow what Christ taught. I find it heartbreaking that what is called ‘Orthodox’ (a word meaning “conforming to established doctrine) Christianity, is so far from what Jesus established as doctrine.

Also, I find it just a little scary that most of those who claim to be Christian throw away logic and reasoning, especially when God, through His Word, has told us to use them – even in spiritual matters.

I recall hearing a local pastor tell visitors to the church that “We don’t believe in Soul Sleep here”. That was incredibly wrong because (1) He didn’t know exactly what each individual believed, I had just come to believe it, & (2) because that’s exactly what the Bible teaches, which shows how little he properly studied the Bible. (This same pastor also believes the snake in Genesis is an actual snake, like you might come across in the woods. Which shows he hasn’t read Revelation, in which it states, ‘the serpent of old, the devil’.)


I recently finished a book titled, Jungles Breezes, the story of Elam Stoltzfus’ journey from being an Amish boy to an Evangelical Missionary in a near forgotten area of Guatemala. I loved reading how he came out of the error of the Amish teaching, but he didn’t get far enough away. From what I can tell, he believed the trinity garbage, along with the idea that one goes to heaven upon death (another idea not Biblically supported).


It is obvious that we who would stand for absolute truth regarding YAHWEH God, have a job to do until the very last minute on the clock, until the very last breath of man is exhaled, until our King & His Son bring their Kingdom into manifestation.


May we all war well.


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