Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

About 5 years ago, I, like Abraham, packed my family up and left everything I’d known of Christianity and Church, and, being led by God Himself, made my way into the truth of God – namely, that He is NOT a trinity, and His Son Yeshua (Jesus) is NOT God, nor a part of a triune Godhead.

Since then we have desired and researched and sought out people of like mind, though not expecting to be 100% aligned in all things, with which to fellowship and discuss matters of faith, and have/give support as needed.

Just this morning (9/20/18) I came across a group whose basic tenets seemed to be much like our own; but upon closer examination, I was sadly disappointed.

Progressive Christianity claims to be wise in that it questions religious tradition. The truth is that they don’t question the erroneous ways of the religious system, but throw away the distinct parameters for living according to the ways of God.

To question religious tradition, I have done that for many years: Why are services done so that the congregants are made to feel “less than”? Why do we use titles (pastor, father) when the bible clearly states to NOT do so?

To be inclusive of all persons, I was baking cakes for people of same-sex orientation as a friendly act LONG before the guy in Colorado ever made the news. Jesus himself ate with the lowest of the low – tax gatherers – so I’ve not got a problem with such.

Taking care of the poor? Taking care of the Earth? I have done various things to further both of these as well. But I have never had to violate the Word of God to do any of this I’ve mentioned.

There are absolutes to God’s Word, there are things we cannot have anything to do with if we wish to be a true member of God’s family. And should we participate in such, or give a “stamp of approval” to others to sin – then it is no longer Christianity (of any kind) because it does not follow Christ – who at all times obeyed his Father.

If at any point our message departs even the slightest bit from that of Jesus, or our ways depart from those of God, we are no longer Christian. Therefore, Progressive Christianity giving support to the LBGTQ & encouraging them to further such a lifestyle is sin, and allowing (perhaps even causing) others to sin, and thus is NOT a Christ-following Christian movement.

Many make the mistake that because Scripture states that “God is love” this means He won’t hold us accountable – that is actually the opposite of love. Yes, God is love, but He is also holy, pure, & righteous, which means His love will not cause or allow us to harm ourselves by living outside of His commands – which by doing so we bring death upon ourselves.

Dear Siblings in Christ, this confusion is the very reason I so often remind you to read a good bible for yourself, asking our Father to explain it to you as you do so. When the time of Judgement comes, “I didn’t know”, will not be adequate to save you from the consequences.