Fasting: An Act of Love for God

Life, full of responsibilites with trials added to, can easily & quickly get away from you like a wild horse. It doesn’t take long before you are far from where you were, and off course from where you want to be. Which is why it is so absolutely necessary to work hard at remaining connected to our Father in heaven.

Even with a “daily time” with God, we can become flippant, lazy, or rush through it like an item on a tasklist. We need regular intervals of recalibrating, of recentering ourselves in our lord Yeshua, that we stay connected to our Father.

This, I’m finding, makes Fasting a necessary discipline. I know there is a debate about Fasting – it’s necessity and outworking, but when I take a close look at the arguments & statements put forward against Fasting, what I discover is a great need for it because we are a prideful people, and Fasting is humbling.

Jesus said “When you fast…”, not ‘if’; and he also stated that his disciples would fast once he was taken away – this means that Fasting is expected, and that it is for our time.

Fasting, the abstinence from food for a time to concentrate on God, is – if I may – something similar to having a date with your girlfriend or wife. It is a time in which you focus on her, gifts are given, she is your focus. In a similar way, when we Fast, we are focused on God, spending time with Him in His word, speaking to Him about what is on His heart for various things. And, like the gifts, or candy, that we give to our date, we bring things to God: Humility, Worship, and all the other things that we can offer that touch HIS heart.

Fasting is by no means popular, but it is well worth the time and effort, for it is our deepest expression of love for God to God.


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