Seek God’s Will?

Seek God's Will. what

Take a moment to read the above meme carefully, do you see the error?

It misquotes Scripture. It’s suppose to be Matthew 6:33, but it’s just enough wrong to make a very big difference.

Matthew 6:33 – But seek first His (God’s) kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

The difference may seem unworthy of mention, but stop and think with me. This has been the mantra of Christianity for some time, but it has had very little affect. This is because when you seek God’s will you’re are in a ‘works’ mentality – what do I have to do in order to please God that I get what I want from Him – that is not the relationship of love that God desires with people, and therefore does not honor it.

However, if you are seeking God – spending quality time with Him, looking at His face & not to His hand – that is when His will (and blessings) will come to you without effort. Some would say that there is no difference, but there is – to God and Jesus – because it sets you up in a religious system in which YOU are trying to (re)do what Jesus has already done, which means you are not in grace by faith, and you “walk” by completion of a spiritual to-do list & not by relationship with God or His Son.

When working with a compass, being a mere 2 degrees off target can result is being completely off-course down the road. That’s precisely what this misquote of Scripture causes in our relationship with God & Jesus.

This is why it is so absolutely necessary that we each read the Bible for ourselves, not letting others interfere with our personal relationship with our Heavenly Father.



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